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Humble and Kind

2016 October 20
by Wendy

My morning workouts usually come in the form of boot camp, but I realized that I miss more cardio-intensive workouts that help improve my sleepand clear my mind. On Thursday mornings, the one day we don’t have boot camp, I now hike after I drop my youngest off at school. In our neighborhood, a gorgeous open space sits with trails and a tranquil, though tired after years of drought, little lake. It is

img_0436a favorite spot in our community, and a perfect place to both find inspiration and perspiration.

I am not a follower of country music, so I suppose I am very late to the Tim McGraw fan club. But, last spring, a friend introduced me to the song “Humble and Kind.” I downloaded it, listened to it on the regular for a few weeks, and then mostly forgot about it. Until I started hiking when school began again. After a few iPhone mishaps and upgrades, very little music still resides on my phone. “Humble and Kind,” however, remains. It has become my Thursday morning soundtrack, on repeat since little else is available, and it offers plenty of thoughtful lyrics that propel my legs to move with purpose and mind to seek clarity.

This morning, in addition to exhaling the stagnant, negative thoughts; inhaling the fresh, invigorating air; and absorbing the music, my mind turned to last night.

After a few months of not seeing one of the instructors at my sons’ martial arts school, I saw her when picking up my oldest from his class last night. I assumed she had been on vacation, but never asked. When I saw her, and gleefully asked if she had been on vacation, she explained that she suffered an aneurysm on Mother’s Day. Following emergency brain surgery, over 100 staples in her head, five weeks in the hospital and five more months of recovery, she was slowly regaining her new-normal life. My eyes filled with tears as she told me of her very near-death experience. Profoundly aware that she is a rare statistic of survival and recovery after such t

rauma, she sat there with newfound thankfulness, purpose and awareness and in her life. Her story was at once jarring, humbling, miraculous and deeply thought-provoking. It stuck with me.

This morning, the thoughtful “Humble and Kind” lyrics, combined with crisp air, steep inclines and heavy thoughts of Sijeh’s life-changing experience, made for a reflective and impactful start of the day. Another reminder of the importance of remaining grateful, staying humble and recognizing that we never really know what lies ahead.

I am now tackling the rest of my day, feeling renewed by the hike; thankful for my friends, family and health; and happy for this reminder from Mr. McGraw:

“Don’t take for granted the love this life gives you

When you get where you’re going don’t forget turn back around

And help the next one in line

Always stay humble and kind”

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