A short story from the founder of
Tales of Two

Know about us

The Crafting Story

In the skilled hands of shoe crafting masters who implement their time-honored techniques, our shoes are meticulously brought to life. With a legacy rooted in crafting soles tailored specifically for the little feet, our artisans, in the heart of Italian shoe craftsmanship - Marche region, ensure that tradition and innovation are infused in every step of the process.

The Creative Story

Our creative process starts not in a grand atelier but in the everyday whirlwind of family life. From engaging playdates to parties, from regular classroom chores to family outings, we believe that young girls should have it all, along with a pair of shoes to fit in that very scene of an exciting story. The vibrant world of childhood dreams is our continuous inspiration.

How they come to life

At Tales of Two, we value the importance of a girl tochoose her own narrative from the youngest age. Growing up should be about having fun, becoming independent and building confidence. Empower your young lady to express her unique character, while we give you the peace of mind that her growing feet feel the utmost comfort. Crafted from the softest leathers and featuring flexible soles, our shoes embrace highest quality materials and designs nurturing those developing feet with much needed support. The moment one little girl slips into her beloved pair, she sets forth to conquer her aspirations, breathing life into our shoes as they set about on a new story—her story.